Saturday, August 14, 2010

New and Improved Accelerated Prelicensing Course Starts September 27

This Spring we experimented with a two week accelerated real estate prelicensing course. Previously the course had extended for nine weeks with 11 sessions, nine Saturdays and two evenings. The new model called for daily classes from 9-4:30 for nine days with the course final held on the 10th day.  Although apparently successful and a barrel of fun for not only the participants but me as well, I think that the model that I have devised that will be presented this fall will be superior.

There will be 11 daily classes, from 9-4:30, a take home midterm on day seven, and a four hour final on the 13th day. In addition to the class sessions and the tests which are all mandatory, an online discussion will be held on the Internet where students can explore the real estate concepts discussed as they relate to real life.

The makeup of the students in the accelerated class was different than those that I had taught in the past. Gone were the part-time students who worked during the week and dropped in, exhausted, on the weekend to attempt to prepare to obtain their real estate licenses. This was full time class and those who enrolled had either taken their vacation to matriculate or were looking to start a new career after successful decades in an old one. Every day was so exciting I could hardly wait to come to class. I think that many of the students felt the same way. Some hated to see the day end, so I was told. There was always more to learn in this challenging field.

Carol Ball School of Real Estate co-sponsors the course with Maui Community College where the course will be held. Registration is being taken now so if you are interested you should call them right away. Their number is 984-3231.

Fire away if you have any questions you want me to answer here.