Friday, February 15, 2013


Congratulations to all of you very perceptive people out there who know that the real estate market is really heating up. It is believed that Realtors are usually the first to know because we are the first to see the buyers scurrying around to buy up those properties before the market starts to climb.

But I think that the people who are really the first to know are those without licenses who thought that they would want one eventually......they are the ones who are signing up for my classes because they know the time is NOW. Talk to those who just finished the class and are starting in the business. They will tell you how busy they are.

Jump in now and you will be ready. Two weeks and you will be good to go. Classes start February 25 and run until March 8.

JOIN UP NOW. CALL 984-3231 to register!

Friday, February 1, 2013


Aloha everyone-

If there are enough registrants I will hold a class February 25 to March 7, 2013.

The cost of the course is $880 including materials. Classes will be held at the Maui College in Kahului daily, including Saturday from 9-4:30. If you pass the class final given on Mar 7 from 8-12, you will be eligible to take the state licensing exam, hopefully scheduled for March 8. The cost of the state licensing exam is an additional $63.00.

Please call the Maui College, 984-3231 to register. 

I do not know when I will have another class. There were over 60 people wait listed by the end of 2012 but none of them appear to be able to make it for this scheduled date. Although I am hoping to be able to accommodate all who want to prepare for their licenses as the market is dramatically improving I do not have another class scheduled at this time and will hold this February class only if there are a  sufficient number of enrolees. 


Carol Ball, M. Ed.