Friday, March 7, 2014


REGISTER NOW for live prelicensing class to be held June 2-13, 2014.
Classes will be held at the Maui Mall B5 in Kahului .Class will be held daily from 9-4:30 except Sunday when you will be given a take-home midterm to complete. Expect about 4 hours of homework a night to prepare you for the next day's lesson. The course final will be held on June 13 from 8 -12. Attendance at all of the class sessions and final exam is mandatory.You must attend all of the classes and pass the course final with at least 70% to be eligible to take the state of Hawaii real estate licensing exam. Cost is $880 plus tax including materials. There is a separate fee to take the licensing exam charged by the provider.

If you have talked to others who have taken my class you know it's lots of work, INTENSE! as they say. But totally worth it and fun, believe it or not. Much of your learning will center around guided discussion with your group. Some of you like to work alone but trust me when I tell you that your group work will really help reinforce the information that you must know to pass both my final and the state exam.

So if you are ready to clear your calendar for two weeks and engage in something that will be really worth it for your future, sign up for the class. You will not have another life during the class so be prepared.

Class is limited to 60 students because of the size of the classroom I was able to obtain. I had over 60 on my mailing list of interested parties when I arranged to give this course so sign up soon. I am giving an EARLY BIRD 10% DISCOUNT to those who sign up by May 17, 2014.
Please go to for more information on the course and to register. (clear your cache by refreshing your site if you don't see registration info).

Email me if you have questions.