Thursday, July 5, 2012


The new real estate prelicensing class begins on July 30 and ends on August 10. The course is accelerated, that means GOES FAST! Every day we meet from 9-4:30 with lecture presentations, group work and practice quizzes to get you in gear for the licensing exam for those who pass the course. Classes meet every day, Monday through Saturday of the first week with a take home midterm on Sunday. The second week classes are held from Monday through Thursday with the class final on Friday, the last day of class. I try to arrange with PSI to hold the licensing exam on Saturday following the last class day. Whew, you will be glad when that is over but amazed at what you have learned.

Ultimately, of course, you expect to be able to obtain your real estate license and help people with their real estate needs. We will want to make sure that those who do pass the class will understand the importance of the profession for which you are training. To become a good real estate professional takes years and years of practice. This is how you can get started!

Checking with the Maui College, I note that there are already 22 students enrolled in the class. Thirty students is the class limit. Be there or be square!

Call 984-3231 Maui College to register. See you then!