Friday, November 8, 2013


Some of the readers of this blog may want to know how the students in the September real estate prelicensing class fared.

Out of 54 students who enrolled in the class on September 9, 42 people passed the final exam on September 20. Four people dropped out of the class for a variety of reasons, one in the first few days and the last 3 in the last few days before the final. One person was auditing the course so did not sit for the final exam. That means about 85% of the people who completed the class passed the class.

Twenty Six scored 80% or higher with nine of them over 90% on the national part of the class final. One person scored 98% on the national part of the test. Seven people scored less than 70% on the national part of the final. 
Two students did not pass the Hawaii part of the class final .

Thirty eight people took the PSI licensing exams in the month of October from the Carol Ball School of Real Estate. 92% of them passed the uniform (National) part of the test and 81% passed the Hawaii part of the test.

Congratulations to all who passed!

If you are interested in a Hawaii Real Estate Prelicensing course that I teach please go to Select Hawaii and Prelicensing. I wrote and teach the accredited course that you can take any time any day

Please see blog entry below for more about the class.

See you online!

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Monday, November 4, 2013


Here are some of the features of the Hawaii Prelicense Online Course that I have written and am instructing for Continuing Ed Express.

Features of the Continuing Ed Express Online Hawaii Salesperson Prelicense Course

The Continuing Ed Express online Hawaii Prelicensing course is designed to help you pass the licensing exam. Here is how we do it:

Printable Snapshot Reviews at the end of the chapter  
Print up the reviews of each chapter to help you study for the exam.

Study for your real estate license the way the licensing exam is given.
The licensing exam is given in two parts, National questions and Hawaii questions.  Continuing Ed Express Hawaii Prelicensing Online separates the National material where you can learn the basics from the Hawaii state specific material where you apply the basics. Once you learn the basics it is a lot easier to understand the state-specific material which is the hardest part of the exam.

Audio overview preceding the chapters by your instructor, Carol Ball.
Your instructor and course designer, Carol Ball, recreated the lessons and techniques that she utilizes in her live prelicensing classes in Hawaii. Most of her students pass the real estate licensing exam after taking her course and passing it.* She introduces each chapter with an audio preface to the chapter to prepare you for the chapter.

(*91% of the students in her live class passed the National part of the licensing exam and 81% of the students passed the Hawaii part of the exam in 2012. PSI Testing Service 4/17/13.)

Navigation outline tells you exactly where you are in the course
A concise outline is located on the left side column of the course and provides you a menu of topics that are covered in the course. Once you have completed a section you can easily go back to review items that you want to understand better or about which you have questions.

Charts, Diagrams and Illustrations to help you understand difficult concepts
One of the most difficult things in a real estate course, besides the new vocabulary, is understanding concepts that are foreign to you. Realizing this difficulty, we furnish you with visual aids of the concepts to help you understand them.

Quizzes after each chapter
To help you practice what you learned, there are quizzes at the end of the chapters, separated into National (Uniform) and Hawaii sections just like the licensing exam, to increase your understanding of the fine points of the vocabulary and concepts.

Reinforcement of important information
Study tips such as “Remember This”, “Bright Idea” and instructional commentary by your instructor highlight important items throughout the course simulating interchange with your instructor as you have in a live course.

An opportunity to communicate with your instructor on every page
On every page there is an opportunity to communicate with your instructor. Once you have completed digesting the information you have read and still don’t understand it you may easily contact your instructor for further insight.

No text book is required for this course
Continuing Ed Express Hawaii online prelicensing course is complete. There is no additional textbook from which you have to study or order in addition to the course since the course presented online is complete.

Start right now! No waiting for materials. As soon as you register you can start the class.
REGISTER NOW at Choose State-Hawaii, Course Type-Prelicense

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Good news! The Hawaii Prelicensing online course has been released!
Thank you for inquiring about my real estate prelicensing class on Maui.
This is to let you know that the online prelicensing course that I am teaching has been released. I am giving the course through Continuing Ed Express, an established online real estate education school that also offers continuing education for real estate licensees throughout the nation as well as prelicensing courses in two other states besides Hawaii. I have worked with them for several years and am very happy to associate with them to author and instruct their real estate prelicensing course for Hawaii.
I have provided features of the online course so that you could find out more about it. Passing this course will fulfill the 60 hours of education required to obtain a Hawaii real estate license.
If you want to take this course please go to and select Hawaii, and Pre-License to obtain the course.
See you online!
Carol Ball,  M.Ed.
Carol Ball School of Real Estate