Friday, August 10, 2012


The real estate prelicensing class given July 30 to August 10 ended today with the class final. Everybody passed, and with flying colors. Hard working students from many professions labored at a grueling pace to complete all the coursework in two weeks. They were exemplary with 48% of the class scoring in the 90's. Now they must go on to take and pass the state licensing exam. Good luck to them. Great class.

I heard from the staff at Maui College that there were 15 students waitlisted for a future class as my present class drew to a close. If you are interested in a real estate prelicensing class, call 984-3231, Maui College, and ask to be placed on a wait list. When I determine when my next class will be held, they will be in touch with you.

Thanks for your interest in the Carol Ball School of Real Estate.
Mahalo, Carol