Friday, October 14, 2011


All systems are GO for a sales prelicensing class February 27 to March 9 next year. So many prospective students call just prior to the commencement of a class or just after a class is held so I thought I would give you an ample "heads up" so you can plan your schedule accordingly. Because of the accelerated nature of the course, students should really have cleared their calendar of any foreseeable distractions, including work commitments. Six and a half hours of classroom time during the day and reading assignments at night leave the students little time for anything else in their lives for this period. But hey, it's only for two weeks and well worth it if you pass the final and then the state licensing exam.

Hope you can make it in February. The Maui College will include the course in the  next catalog so be on the lookout for it and sign up at that time.